Strong compaction
on the spot

ORWAK COMPACT earned its name thanks to its compact design. The small footprint in combination with the low height provides plenty of placement opportunities. This range is the right choice for companies with small amounts of recyclable packaging material. Material selector, auto start and an intuitive operator panel are standard features.

Recycled plastic,
a sustainable choice

As part of Orwak’s commitment to sustainability and contributing to the circular economy, covers made of 90 % recycled plastic are introduced on all the balers in the COMPACT and POWER ranges. The product design is maintained, and the only visual change is that the covers switch color from gray to black, but the real difference lies in the choice to optimize resources and use recycled material.

The latest additions to the range

The new balers 3075 & 3150 complement the other members of the COMPACT family well in size and capacity. They produce impressive bales of up to 70 respective 150 kg.  Two 3075 bales or one 3150 bale fit perfectly on a Euro pallet for optimized transport logistics. In other words, 3075 & 3150 offer substantial bales, yet compact machine design.


  • Requires little space, yet provides effective volume reduction
  • Easy-to-handle light weight bales
  • The best choice for small to medium sized volumes of cardboard and plastic
  • Single phase, ready-to-use units


Orwak Connect is a modem-based communication service enabling the baler to send a message for full bale or if the machine requires maintenance. Furthermore, the service offers great supervising opportunities! In the Orwak Connect web portal it is easy to monitor the fleet of balers and to gather bale statistics for a specific period of time.

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COMPACT 3120 & 3150 feature semi-automatic bale ejection


Imperial Riviera, one of the leading hospitality companies in Croatia, chose the smallest baler in the Orwak range, 3110, for its first-class hotels Valamar Padova, Valamar Collection and Valamar Carolina on Rab Island. Baling cardboard and plastic not only saves space on site but also reduces the costs for skips and decreases the impact of CO2 emissions thanks to less volume to transport.

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The installation of a COMPACT 3150 at  Brimstone Garden Centre in the UK proved to be a success. All seven large sacks of empty compost bags were compacted into just one bale, and the space saving alone is compelling. So, as well as helping them reach their environmental goals, the baler enables them to regain valuable space in the yard as they remove the large cardboard skip, have less waste lorries turning up and disrupting their site and they have future proofed budgeting for the costs of recyclable waste.

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Watch the COMPACT balers in action

PRESS FORCE: 4-8 ton BALE WEIGHT: (cardboard) up to 50 – 150 kg

Orwak Compact 3075

NEW MODEL: 3075 provides optimal size for fitting two bales on a Euro pallet.

  • Press force: 4 ton
  • Bale weight cardboard/plastic: up to 70 kg/70 kg

Orwak Compact 3110

The small yet tough and versatile baler is ideal for both cardboard and plastic. Bale trolley is always included for easy transportation.

Press force: 4 ton

Bale weight cardboard/plastic: up to 50 kg/70 kg

  • Press force: 4 ton
  • Bale weight cardboard/plastic: up to 50 kg/70 kg

Orwak Compact 3115

The 3115 offers a cross-binding function that gives a tight grip of the bale and it is helpful when compacting soft plastic.

Press force: 6 ton

Bale weight cardboard/plastic: up to 60 kg/85 kg

  • Press force: 6 ton
  • Bale weight cardboard/plastic: up to 60 kg/85 kg

Orwak Compact 3120

The 3120 is perfect for both cardboard and plastic. It provides compact machine design, yet an extra wide loading gate of 1000 mm!

For rich placement opportunities, the 3120 is a single phase unit.

Press force: 6 ton

Bale weight cardboard/plastic: up to 100 kg/130 kg

  • Press force: 6 ton
  • Bale weight cardboard/plastic: up to 100 kg/130 kg

Orwak Compact 3150

NEW MODEL: Produces bales up to 150 kg and the bale size is optimized for a Euro pallet.

  • Press force: 8 ton
  • Bale weight cardboard/plastic: up to 150 kg/190 kg
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