Orwak’s compaction and baling solutions make significant contributions to effective waste management, sustainable business practices, the well being of employees, and compliance with environmental regulations. Choosing an Orwak solution means:

Turning waste into value

1. More profit

When loose waste is compacted, it means fewer container pickups, fewer trips, and less money wasted.

2. More productivity

Time is money. Time spent on tedious waste handling and not on your core business costs you money.

Safety at heart

3. More order

Improperly handled waste materials bring potential safety and health risks. Orwak solutions contribute to order and free passage in aisles.

Make space for your business

4. More space

Space is always at a premium and high-density bales require much less storage than loose materials.

5. More recycling

Baled waste provides recycling companies with a readily acceptable deliverable due to its high density and ease of handling.

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