Made in Sweden

Orwak’s headquarters and modern production facility are located in Sweden, where we have been designing and manufacturing waste compactors and balers since 1971. We have built an extensive worldwide network of representatives, allowing us to establish a local presence in many of the countries where our systems are installed.


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Orwak celebrates 50 years

Orwak’s 50th anniversary is a significant milestone and an inspiration on the road ahead. It is the time to reflect upon the highlights that brought us to where we are today, but most importantly to look ahead to future designs, trends and opportunities. Read more

Part of Sulo Group

Since January 2020, Orwak is part of Sulo Group. Sulo, a global company headquartered in France, is a first-class partner for collection solutions – a leading international manufacturer of bins, underground and semi-underground systems for collection and separation of recyclable materials. Visit Sulo’s website

Together we are strong:

  •  500 million Euro turnover
  • +60 equipped countries
  • 8 plants
  • +2500 employees
  • #1 European leader in waste pre-collection solutions

100 000 machines worldwide

Miles covered: Since the beginning in 1971, Orwak has traveled far and wide and our balers and waste compactors have like the first pioneering explorers reached every continent.

Some fearlessly sail the seven seas, some find their places in the most remote locations, while others move into prominent people’s homes or become residents of official buildings and famous landmarks. Wherever they go, they are appreciated for their dutiful service and the benefits they bring to the business.


Follow us on a trip around the world to the most exotic installation sites

“The journey is not measured by the distances, but by the impressions made and the memories collected.”