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Orwak is proud to introduce Connect 2.0, a brand new edition of our M2M communication service offering additional features that bring the customers more benefits and a whole new user-experience.

Benefit more from your Orwak baler – let it communicate

Orwak Connect is a smart option that adds value to the Orwak baler! It is a modem-based M2M communication service enabling the baler to send a message when it needs attention. Furthermore, the service provides unique supervising opportunities! It is easy to monitor the fleet of balers and gather interesting baling statistics when logging into the Connect web portal. A premium option is a built-in scale for measuring the bale weight and giving full control over the bales produced.

 New service, more features

Orwak is now proud to introduce Connect 2.0, a brand new edition of the service offering additional features that bring the customers more benefits and a whole new user-experience! The web portal comes with a completely new design and a modern interface. It is also responsive to smart phone browsers and an app will be available later this year to further facilitate the accessibility and user-friendliness.

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Connect 2.0 enables notifications such as “full bale” and “maintenance required” to be sent as push notices, there is a wide variety of settings to be made in the web portal and users with administrative privileges can even change some machine parameters remotely, which can save time and cost.

Connecting resources for the future

Orwak Connect communication service provides numerous advantages for WMCs, recyclers, retail chains, logistic centers and customers in many more market segments:

  • To stay in control when monitoring the exact bale production from the fleet of balers
  • Optimal logistics when planning the bale collection routes efficiently
  • Uninterrupted use as the caretaker gets notified immediately when a machine needs attention
  • Productive use of time as there is no need to check on balers spread out in a large area on routine, only when notified, and with Connect 2.0 service teams can find out more about the machine status and even solve some issues remotely.

M2M communication is undeniably playing an increasingly important role in society and Orwak Connect 2.0 contributes to connecting resources for the future!  

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