Victor Lindgren, our co-worker at Orwak, is a world champion in air rifles. After more success in contests during the winter, he is now on his way to new sporting challenges by participating in the World Cup in Rio de Janeiro and after that he has his sights set on the 2024 Olympics! We are proud of our colleague and wish him every success!

Handled an air rifle for the first time as a three-year-old

Victor grow up in small town Sjöbo in the in the southernmost province in Sweden. There he  gained inspiration and interest in shooting at a young age by accompanying his older siblings to the youth shooting club. He thought it was exciting to watch them practice and as a three-year-old he got to shoot with an air rifle for the first time sitting on one of his parents’ laps. Victor proved to have a great talent for shooting and it became his great interest growing up.

“I always go to the shooting range with a smile”

Victor came to Orwak’s hometown Sävsjö by applying to the National Sports High school for shooting in Sävsjö. Besides the shooting training, he attended the industrial high school program and after graduation he was employed as a laser operator at Orwak. He enjoys the working environment and his colleagues and he now mainly works as a welder.

Victor manages to combine a full-time job with hard training six days a week. Victor comments: “Shooting is my great interest. I never get tired of it, and I always go to the shooting range with a smile”.

World Championship on the track record and the sights set on the Olympics

As a young sportsman, Victor has already distinguished himself through victories in various competitions, including European Championship bronze in Mix 2022, European Championship gold Junior in 2023 and, above all, World Championship gold in Baku in Azerbaijan last year. Besides the competitions themselves, it is very exciting to travel and visit exotic places.

Now Victor is in Rio de Janeiro, where he trains with the Swedish national team and participates in the World Cup. Victor then waits with great anticipation for the announcement whether he will be elected to represent Sweden in the Olympics in Paris 2024.

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