Primat Logistika, a leading company in Croatia in furnishing business premises, turned waste into value when installing an Orwak multi-chamber baler. Instead of paying for waste disposal, they now sort, compact and bale the recyclables at source and sell them with profit.

Building its strategy on high quality products and services, modern technologies and thanks to 30 years of experience in the production, design and installation of archival, storage, security and industrial equipment, storage and IT systems, as well as facility equipment, Primat logistika is today one of the leading Croatian companies in this field.

During all business processes, especially in the warehouse, large amounts of bulky cardboard and foil accumulated, which caused problems in their daily work. After consulting Interzero, the Orwak distributor in Croatia, Primat Logistika recognized the value of sorting and baling the waste fractions, so instead of paying for waste disposal, they now sell the material.

“We were aware of the fact of the continuous increase in the cost of disposal, and we actively sought a solution that would satisfy us. After the presentation of the company INTERZERO, we decided to install a vertical multi-chamber press 5070 HDC. We were particularly intrigued by the possibility of the ORWAK CONNECT function (M2M communication), which introduces online monitoring of the device and the counting of bales made.”That greatly simplifies our work processes. The multi-chamber vertical baler allows us to simultaneously bale cardboard and plastic foil, the two most important fractions, and thus in addition to selling them and returning the investment, it also results in a much more productive use of space in the warehouse”, emphasized Ilija Pranjić, Head of Logistics at Primat Logistika.

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Is your company in the field of logistics and distribution? We hope you get inspired by this example how sorting and baling at source can facilitate the work processes. Read more about our compaction solutions and contact us for advice how to save time and money with a new waste solution in place.


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