Why should your staff spend valuable time on waste handling, when they could be helping your customers find the right product? With the help of our compaction systems, you can put customer sales back in focus. Read more about challenges and solutions for the Retail segment at our Inspiration & Education page!

Benefit from Orwak solutions for retailers:

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Case study: Gekås Superstore – the world’s largest department store of its kind

Gekås in Ullared is one of Sweden’s most popular and frequently visited places and it is thought to be the world’s largest department store of its kind. A department store with 4.8 million customers a year certainly generates a lot of waste and recyclables. Read the story how a fleet of balers and briquette presses keep the waste stream in check!

Guide for easy in-store waste management and recycling

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Download our new Guide for Retailers and Store Managers who want to streamline their waste management, optimize their store’s resources, and generate recycling revenue.

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