Will the flow of product packaging and other waste ever stop? Not while you are in business, it won’t! However, with the help of our compaction systems you can take control! Save space, time and costs for your food retail business. Read more about challenges and solutions for the Retail segment at our Inspiration & Education page!

Benefit from Orwak solutions for food retail:

Case study: Hemköp Supermarket is the only food retailer in town

The local supermarket in the small town Vrigstad on the countryside in Sweden has been run by the Thor family since the 70s and is now the only food retailer in town. Magnus Thor is the store manager and heads a team of around ten employees. The store has grown over the years and so has the amount of waste. Watch the video interview or read how Mr Thor deals with waste management in his store!

Case study: ICA Supermarket handles 140 ton cardboard a year

Waste management and recycling at ICA Supermarket Olskroken in Gothenburg, Sweden, is a natural part of the day-to-day work of the store’s 60 members of staff. Every day, goods are delivered in boxes and it is big challenge to handle these volumes. Having compaction Equipment saves time, money and space. Watch the video interview or read about meeting the waste management challenge in a city supermarket!

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