Vigatec, Orwak’s distributor in Chile, supplied Tommy Beans quick service restaurant with two TOM units. TOM gives Tommy Beans the opportunity to contribute to the environment and save operational costs. The restaurant recently reopened with the implementation of sanitary measures as well as actions contributing to the environment and reducing the carbon footprint.

TOM waste bins provide hands-free operation, and their sensor-based automatic shutter ensures greater hygiene for the user. The touch-free technology is in high demand today, as it offers increased safety by reducing the spread of infections and contributing to a germ-free environment.


Giancarlo Zecchetto, Account Manager at Vigatec, comments: “With the technology of TOM, we provide Tommy Beans and the other G&N brands the possibility of contributing to the environment and at the same time attaining savings in operational costs (bags, work hours, waste collection etc.) In addition, the automatic touch-free shutter of TOM promotes prudence and a high level of hygiene for the customers. The compaction prevents waste overflows, gives the visitors a better experience and keeps the place cleaner.”


TOM in colorful customized wrappings: waste compaction ratio 8:1

Felipe Conca, Brand Director of Tommy Beans explains: ”In G&N Brands, we work to contribute with good practices to care for the planet. We are convinced that we all together, by changing our habits and by being committed to the environment, we will be able to combat the pollution that destroys our world, that destroys us as people. We need the commitment from all our clients, so that together we collaborate with the environment. That is why we, at our local Tommy Beans restaurant in Providencia, have implemented smart waste bins, which have allowed us to reduce the use of waste bags, the waste volume and the time spent on changing bags and cleaning.”

Natalia León, Branch Manager at Tommy Beans in Providencia elaborates: “It has been a good experience and the fact that the waste compactor is touch-free suits us perfectly taken the pandemic in consideration. We also reduced the use of waste bags as a bag lasts longer when we compact. The customers are happy because they see that we care about them.”

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