The first-class and full facility hotel Pinija in Croatia chose an Orwak multi-chamber baler to create a mini sorting station for their packaging waste. Environmental service provider Interzero delivered the 9020S baler for sorting and compaction of the recyclables into clean fractions. The new effective waste solution results in decreased costs and an increased recycling rate.

The first-class hotel Pinija, has an ideal location in a pine grove an overlooking the sea on a natural peninsula in the popular seaside resort Petrčane not far from Zadar in Croatia.


“Mediterranean vacation you will always eagerly come back to”

Next to inviting beaches and offering all modern facilities, Pinija attracts a constant flow of international guests. “The Mediterranean vacation you will always eagerly come back to” is the motto and hotel Pinija has been modernized several times over the years and features such as a wellness & SPA center and a new restaurant with a sundeck have been built. The latest refurbishment of the hotel took place in winter 2022 and was ready for the summer season 2023. Not only the hotel got a fresh design, but they also invested in a new waste solution.

Mini sorting station for recyclables

Previously, the hotel used a press container to dispose of all types of waste, but Interzero, Orwak’s representative in Croatia, advised them to install a sustainable sorting and compaction solution and Pinija chose the Orwak multi-chamber baler 9020S for their new waste corral.


The baler comes with three generous size chambers and works like a mini recycling station for the packaging waste on site. Cardboard, plastic wrapping and aluminum cans are sorted in clean fractions and successfully compacted into dense bales for easy storing, handling and transportation. The bales are delivered to the recycling industry and the new solution is good for the business and the environment. The organic waste from the kitchen is separated and goes into a composter delivered by Interzero.

Mr. Ante Kovačević, operational director for hotel Pinija, is very happy with the Orwak multi-chamber baler and the effective waste management it brought about with decreased waste costs and an increased recycling rate.

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