Cardboard boxes, shrink film, wooden pallets, straps, metal cans and on top of that shredded paper from the office? Are you dealing with a lot of different waste fractions in your business and is lack of space for a regular recycling station a challenge? You are not alone! Many stores, warehouses and factories are facing the same situation, but there is a solution that allows you to at the same time sort and reduce the volume of the waste on the spot.

The endless waste stream is a challenge

The seemingly endless stream of different waste fractions can be extensive in an environment, where loads of goods are handled – unpacked, packed and/or repacked – on a daily basis. Goods come in cardboard boxes or wrapped in shrink film and are frequently delivered strapped on pallets. All this packaging material must be handled and disposed of effectively, at low cost and with minimal environmental impact.

If you operate a manufacturing unit, more waste types such as production off cuts, empty paint cans etc. are most likely added to the list. Another challenge on site is the lack of floor space – especially indoors. The containers needed to sort and store the different recyclables and waste types tend to be space-consuming. That can be an issue even in the backyard and an outdoor sorting station normally require more internal waste transportation.

Sort and compact each waste type at source

To manage the challenge, there is a solution – a piece of equipment that deals effectively with most common waste types. It is a so-called multi-chamber baler, which offers both sorting and volume reduction in one machine. Multi-chamber balers can normally be extended with numerous chambers – one for each waste fraction. As the material is compacted into neat bales, the baler chambers have a much smaller footprint than standard containers for loose waste and can easily fit next to your packing station or production line.

Orwak Multi 9020_3 chambers_7 Orwak Multi 9020S_cardboard infeed

More productive use of valuable space

It is efficient to sort and compact recyclables and waste fractions directly at source. It means more productive use of the storage or production area and no unnecessary internal waste transportation to outdoor containers. To save additional valuable floor space, the bales can be stacked on top of each other in a section of the storage area or on the loading dock until the next bale collection.

Curious about multi-chamber balers? Do you want to learn more about the potential of this solution in your business? Orwak is an experienced and well-established baler manufacturer with a line of multi-chamber balers in different sizes and for various applications areas. We are happy to tell you more!

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