Far out in the Indian Ocean and barely visible on a map you find Ookolhufinolhu Island, in Maldives, about 500 km south of India.

The island is part of a ring-shaped coral reef, which is all that is left of a once mighty sea volcano. No land peaks higher than 1 m above the sea level and being on this tiny island looking out over the ocean make you feel like standing at the edge of the world.

The turquoise waves rolling in on white shallow beaches lined by slender palm trees paint a picture of paradise. It is the perfect spot for a new luxurious resort, Cocoon Maldives, which opened in 2017. Right before that happy event, the Orwak baler Multi 5070-HDC arrived to the island on a small chartered boat.

The boat was so small and light that the baler had to be delivered in two parts. The baler’s task is to take care of all the cans and bottles from the pool and beach bar, where the guests enjoy their refreshments. In deed a pleasant job to tend to the bar on a tropical island!

Maldives island map  Orwak Multi 5070-HDC on tropical island

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