We congratulate our colleague Victor Lindgren on another success! Already a World Champion in Air Rifle, he is now selected to participate in the 2024 Summer Olympics and compete for Sweden in Paris.

Grew up at the shooting range

Victor grew up in small town Sjöbo, where he gained interest in shooting at a young age and shot an air rifle for the first time as a three-year-old sitting on one of his parents’ laps. Victor came to Orwak’s hometown Sävsjö by applying to the National Sports High school for shooting in Sävsjö. Besides the shooting training, he attended the industrial high school program and after graduation he joined the team at Orwak, where he works as a welder.

Victor looking forward to victory…

Already a World Champion

As a young sportsman, Victor has already distinguished himself through victories in various competitions, most importantly World Championship gold in Baku in Azerbaijan 2023.

A few days ago, he finally received the one phone call he has been anxiously waiting for this spring. The Swedish Olympics Committee gave him the great news and congratulated him on a place in the discipline Rifle in the Summer Olympics 2024. The Olympic Games will run from July 26 to August 11 in Paris.

Victor: “I am happy, and I felt great excitement when I got the call from the Olympics Committee. My first reaction was to call my parents, my big supporters, to share the news with them.”

Paris, here I come!

In preparation for the Olympics, Victor will spend many hours a day at the shooting range training intensely. Earlier this spring, he participated in World Cup in Rio de Janeiro, and it was a memorable trip and a valuable learning experience to compete against other elite sportsmen. Victor: “I learned a lot about myself and my abilities, the strong points but also what I need to practice more.”  

In the beginning of July, Victor is invited to spend 11 days at a training camp in Norway and then he will fly to Paris just before the Olympics starts to get acquainted with and practice in the authentic environment.

At Orwak we wish Victor all the best and a truly successful Olympics 2024 in Paris!

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