Port Łódź located in Łódź, forth biggest city in Poland, is a popular shopping center with many stores, services, fast food restaurants and an outdoor play area. TOM units, smart and automatic waste bins from Orwak, keep the busy food court clean, orderly and reduce the waste volume significantly.  

The mall, together with its tenant IKEA home furniture store, is the largest suburban shopping center in the region. The strategic location of the port, surrounded by a network of transport links, gives customers easy access to the shops, restaurants, cafes and fashion stores. With generous opening hours, it welcomes many visitors Monday to Saturday every week.

The well-arranged single-story building is connected to the IKEA department store. In the heart of our center is a shopping and recreation zone with an area of ​​7,000 m2. It is a perfect place for meetings and shopping trips. Just like in a town square, the visitors can meet friends, drink coffee and relax.

A bunch of TOMs, Orwak’s smart and automatic waste bin were recently delivered by Orwak Polska and installed in the restaurant area of Port Łódź. TOM keep the place clean, orderly and inviting and due to the effective compaction TOM provides the waste volume is reduced as much as 7 times. It saves time, transports and cost.

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