McDonald’s is committed to improve its waste management, so it installed smart automatic waste bins, achieving a significant reduction in waste collection and in several of its locations. With TOM installed, bag switches occur only 3 times a day vs 3 times per hour before during rush hours.

This solution provided by Vigatec, Orwak’s distributor in Chile, enabled them to replace conventional waste receptacles with smart automatic bins. TOM is ideal for public spaces, as it is the same size as a conventional bin but comes with an automatic shutter and overflow protection and compacts the waste, which reduces the number of bags.

McD Chile3  McD Chile2

Installations at 8 McDonalds locations in Santiago de Chile:

What advantages has McDonald’s Chile noticed with TOM?

Each location with TOM on site saves approximately:

76 Hours Monthly  time for other tasks

810 Fewer Plastic Bags per month for the environment

81 % Reduction of the carbon footprint

Elías Zavala, Operations Manager at McDonald’s Chile:

“The implementation of smart bins in our restaurants has allowed us, in addition to make the waste management more efficient and reducing our carbon footprint by 81 %, to offer our customers a better service experience, with cutting-edge technology on site that goes from taking the order to the disposal of their waste ”.

Carmen Pirela, Customer at McDonald’s Rotonda Atenas:

“I really like this type of automatic waste bins because I remember that previously there were always overflowing garbage bins. With this compactor, the space looks clean and well organized.”

Watch TOM Junior at McDonald’s Chile in action on YouTube:

Video image McD Chile

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