Grafičar Grupa in Croatia is one of the leading printing houses in the region. For more efficient waste handling and a cleaner environment Grafičar invested in the Orwak multi-chamber baler 9020S for its printing facility in Borovljani. Two generous bale chambers are ideal for the main paper waste fractions and proved to be the right solution from day one!

Leading manufacturer of commercial cardboard packaging

Grafičar employs approximately 500 people and is a leading manufacturer of commercial cardboard and paper packaging for food and pharmacy, labels, flexible packaging, books, journals, lottery tickets and paper bags. Grafičar is characterized by the combination of modern technology and a long, rich printing tradition.

”Every delivery should be a recommendation for a new job” is the motto and the business quality policy aims at maintaining and continuously improving the quality and environmental management system to fulfil international ISO standards.

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A natural decision to invest in a multi-chamber baler for recyclabes

Grafičar: “We are proud that the products manufactured in the Grafičar Group comply with all requirements from EU regulations and legal regulations on paper and cardboard packaging for the food industry in Croatia.” By constantly improving the machine park, processes and technology, Grafičar is not only meeting customers’ wishes and expectations, but also working to minimize negative impacts on the environment. In line with that business policy and devotion, it was a natural decision for Grafičar to invest in a high-quality baler to effectively sort and compact the recyclables at its printing facility in Borovljani.

Interseroh, Orwak’s distributor in Croatia, recommended the multi-chamber baler 9020S. At first it was a trial installation, but it turned out to be an ideal solution from day one!

From roll container to compact bales

Before investing in the baler, all the paper waste produced on site in Borovljani was collected in a big roll container and stored outdoors. As the container was open and placed outside, the wind made the paper waste fly around in the backyard and the rain occasionally turned the paper into slush. It was a waste of good recyclable material and made a mess in the backyard.

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Double-chamber perfect for two paper waste fractions

Grafičar wanted to find a solution for this and the staff loved the Orwak baler from the beginning. They have two main fractions of paper waste, so a double-chamber baler with one chamber for each fraction is very convenient. The compaction provides considerable volume reduction and Grafičar immediately noticed that the finished bales could be stored under roof to protect them from getting wet and it improved the outdoor environment as the yard is much cleaner and free from paper waste.

No need to call the collector so often

Furthermore, the neat and compact bales take up much less space compared with the loose paper waste in the roll container and there is no need to call the collector that often anymore. Less volume and fewer transports result in reduced waste management costs and it complies with Grafičar’s green policy to have the paper taken care of properly and sent to the recycling industry.

Graficar HR_bales1

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