Orwak is excited to present a new addition to the Orwak range; compact size closed-end horizontal balers with manual bale tying. They come in three models SEMI-AUTO 1540, 1550 and 1560 in the range 40-60 ton press force and they are ideal for businesses with large volumes of recyclable material, when vertical balers are too labor intensive or where bulk loading is required.

Closed-end compaction and portcullis door

The semi-automatic balers are horizontal balers in compact size and the material is compacted against the closed-end of the press chamber. A convenient portcullis door is a standard feature on all three models.

Manual tying and semi-automatic bale ejection

When the chamber is full, the operator ties the bale manually and the four-fold wire binding gives a firm grip of the bale. When the bale is ready, the operator places a pallet in front of the machine and simply pushes two buttons to eject the bale. The bale on the pallet is easy to remove by forklift.

A wide range of loading options

The semi-automatic balers can be fed in many different ways: manually from the ground or a dock, by bin lifter, chute, conveyor or forklift. More options to adapt the baler to a specific environment or stream of recyclables are available on demand.

Broad application areas

Orwak’s semi-automatic horizontal balers are ideal for retailers, manufacturing industries, warehouses and distribution centers; any environment where big volumes of recyclables need to be taken care of and the amount exceeds what can be effectively handled by a vertical baler.

The highlights of the Semi-Automatic range

  • High-capacity compaction of large waste volumes into dense bales
  • Require little space and can be placed indoors
  • Generate mill-size bales for delivery to the recycling industry

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