A grand and memorable anniversary celebration with a product & innovation show and big birthday party on the theme the 70s in the evening for staff and sales teams.

On October 29th, Orwak officially celebrated its 50th anniversary! There was an event at Orwaks head office and factory, a show on the theme products & innovations, where product news were revealed and a new addition to the range, the semi automatic horizontal baler, was launched. In the evening Orwak had a big celebration and birthday party with dinner and entertainment for staff and sales teams at the countryside manor Hook. The theme for the evening was the 70s and the guests dressed for the occasion. It was a memorable anniversary and an important milestone in Orwaks history.

Sune Johansson, entrepreneur, innovator and the CEO of Orwak for many years attended the product show and also held a speech in the evening to the Orwak Family and performed the song “My Way” which was a highlight of the day.

Follow us on an exciting journey through five decades in the Orwak Anniversary Video:

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