The compact Orwak 3115 baler brings a number of advantages to Lincoln’s Country Store located in Maine, USA. A neater store area, more time spent on core business and additional parking spaces are some of the benefits from the investment.

More Than 6,000 Customers per Week

Lincoln’s specializes in a wide variety of groceries and operates a full service gas-station. Mark Lincoln, along with his wife Peggy, has owned and operated this store for 17 years. There are twenty-eight employees, who help to serve the 6,000+ customers, who shop there each week.

Mark Lincoln, The Store Owner:

Managing all the cardboard waste was a challenge. Staff had to take the time to breakdown all the boxes before depositing them into the two 10 cubic yard cardboard dumpsters located in the store parking lot.”

Mr Lincoln purchased a 3115 baler and is thrilled with it for a number of reasons:

• The store is so much neater; no more boxes constantly needing to be broken down before disposal.

• The staff can focus more time on serving customers and restocking shelves, etc.

• Both ten cubic yard cardboard dumpsters have been eliminated:

+ saving the store $200 per month.

+ adding 3 much-needed parking spaces (which can result in 12 – 15 additional customers during rush hours).

+ making it much easier to plow the parking lots during winter storms.

Lincoln's Country Store - 3115 Baler   Lincoln's Country Store - Gas Pumps

Mark Lincoln sumps up his experiences with the 3115 baler:

This is a great size baler for a store our size. It completely eliminates two 10-yard cardboard dumpsters from our already small yard and allows for 3 extra parking spaces. The height of the baler is perfect for our 8-foot ceilings. I can highly recommend this baler, and Orwak customer service has been great.”

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