Orwak Success Story: FOR Manufacturing Industry in Italy - News room

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A growing Italian manufacturer with two factories and a new warehouse improves its waste management significantly by investing in several Orwak balers – strategically located next to the waste streams. 

FOR S.p.a., a manufacturer of hydraulic connectors and flexible hydraulic tube assemblies, has 250 employees and operates two factories in Ferrara, Italy. The modern production facilities have to deal with large volumes of packaging waste and FOR decided to improve the waste management process.

FOR first invested in the Orwak Compact 3110 & 3115 baler duo, and impressed by the smooth operation, later added a second 3115. The units are strategically located close to the sources of waste and the balers compact plastic film, cardboard and some paper from the office.

Shortly afterwards one of FOR’s subsidiaries bought another two 3115 units for their tube manufacturing facility. The small balers occupy very little space, but still have the right capacity to deal with the waste flows.

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The decision to buy the balers came natural to FOR after meeting with Orwak’s Italian distributor Empress 2000 and testing the machines in their showroom. Mr. Trevisani Massimo at FOR comments on the benefits of the new solution:

“We have gained more space and order and we receive payment from selling the compacted material.”

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