Orwak presents 3220, a brand-new model and the latest addition to the Orwak vertical baler range. We are happy to introduce a versatile baler that meets the market demand for an extra low-built machine!

Compact design – plenty of placement options

This model comes with a cross cylinder and offers an extra compact machine design with a transport and installation height of just 2000 mm. The main advantage is that the low height simplifies transportation to the installation site and provides broad placement options even in environments, where the ceiling height presents a challenge.

Orwak 3220_loading plastic5

No reason to wait – every second counts

The baler is fast and with a cycle time of only 16 sec, it is ready for a new load of cardboard boxes or plastic foil in no time. Model 3220 can be operated manually but is preferably run in auto mode for maximum productivity and convenience. Just close the door and the baler will get to work and start reducing the volume of the recyclables.

Modern features for the best user experience

Model 3220 is equipped with the same user-friendly operator panel and advanced functions as the balers in Orwak’s COMPACT and POWER ranges featuring a material selector for cardboard and plastic (HP/LP), bale height settings in three steps, service and temperature indicators. The 3220 is ideal for compacting cardboard and plastic foil and special pipes facilitate the bale strapping. It also comes with a special software for successful compaction of plastic foil and when it is activated, the material is kept under pressure for several minutes to squeeze out more air from the bulky plastic.

Orwak 3220_panel close up1              Orwak 3220_bale pipes

Modern user-friendly panel                   Pipes facilitate the strapping

Ready to communicate

Model 3220 is a baler with brains and is ready to communicate when choosing the optional service Orwak Connect. It is a modem-based communication service enabling the baler to send push notices to the caretaker as well as vital information and bale statistics to the web portal. Orwak recently launched a new and improved version, Connect 2.0, with a modern interface and additional features that are also easily accessible in the Connect app.

Orwak 3220_bale out3Orwak 3220_twin bales2

Semi-automatic bale out

Maximum safety for the operator and people in the vicinity is the hallmark of all Orwak products. To eject the bale, the operator stands at the side of the machine, pushes two buttons and the bale effortlessly tilts out on the pallet in front of the baler and can easily be removed by a forklift. Our tests show that the bale weight for cardboard is up to 250 kg.

Download the press release (pdf)