EnviroPac, Orwak’s sister organization and distributor of Orwak products in Norway, delivered a complete waste compaction solution to newly opened Quality Hotel Ramsalt in the costal town Bodø close to the Arctic Circle.  

Preferred supplier based on the total concept

The endless waste stream is a problem in many commercial buildings. The floor space is often a challenge as well as achieving effective and affordable waste management and yet taking the environment and the impact transports and CO2 emissions have on it into consideration. Another important aspect of a waste management solution is to help users set good routines and enable sorting at source throughout the building. A classic issue is the residual waste fraction, which many want to reduce as much as possible.

Reduces the amount of residual waste by up to 70 %

In June 2021, Quality Hotel Ramsalt opened in Norwegian Bodø. Bodø is a picturesque coastal town located on a peninsula just north of the Arctic Circle. With its beautiful surroundings and outdoor activities, it attracts many visitors in summer and Quality Hotel Ramsalt is a medium-sized hotel with both restaurants and conference facilities. For Operations Manager Robert Dahlskjær, it was essential to find a solution to deal effective with e. g. the residual waste.

Residual waste is costly, and that type of waste requires frequent collections for hygienic reasons and to avoid odor. Quality Hotel Ramsalt in Bodø, chose the Orwak multi-chamber baler 5070-COMBI, which reduces the amount of residual waste by up to 70 %. This is of great importance for any businesses focusing on operating costs and on cutting CO2 emissions. EnviroPac recommended and delivered this multi-chamber solution. The baler is top-loaded meaning that the chambers are open and it is easy to throw waste straight into the two 4-wheel plastic 660 L bins, which are placed in the baler.

The unit can also easily be extended with an extra chamber as the business grows and the amount of waste increases. This baler model comes in different versions, with single or double bin chambers, or in a combination of bin and bale chambers. For food residue, the hotel uses a waste cooler with space for 2 x 140/240 L bins.


Powerful baler for cardboard compaction

To deal with cardboard packaging, the Orwak baler POWER 3420 provides a high-capacity solution. The cycle time is only 24 seconds and bale weights on cardboard are up to 400 kg. In addition to cardboard, this baler can compact plastic foil, which may become a new application area.

It is efficient to sort and compact recyclables and waste directly at source. Other benefits are more productive use of storage space and eliminated internal waste transports to the containers outdoors. Quality Hotel Ramsalt now has a versatile waste solution that can be adapted to larger volumes of waste and more types of material for the foreseeable future.

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