After the grand opening ceremony in Moscow on June 14th, the 2018 FIFA World Cup is currently running in Russia. The Championship is no doubt an important and spectacular event that attracts a huge audience worldwide and many fans are lucky to experience it first hand by attending one of the matches.

Russia expects more than 1.5 million foreign tourists to visit the country during the World Cup. It obviously has many positive effects, but one cannot ignore the impact of such an event on the environment. FIFA draws attention to the environment and has even launched a campaign to protect it.

Proshop, a San Sac Group company and the representative for the Orwak products in the Russian market, has actively involved itself in the campaign and supported the idea. 64 matches will be played in total at 12 different stadiums located in 11 cities spanning from St. Petersburg in the north to Sochi in the south and Proshop has now, in collaboration with the organizers, successfully installed the Orwak baler 3325 at all 12 stadiums to deal effectively with the vast waste streams.

To be part of an event of this magnitude is a big step for the company Proshop.

Power 3325 transparent


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