Orwak’s multi-chamber baler 9020S effectively compacts and bales all recyclables on the little Greek island Kasos in the Aegean Sea and thereby provides a significant transport cost reduction for the shipments to the mainland.

The southernmost island in the Aegan Sea

Kasos, located next to Crete in Greece, is the southernmost island of the Aegean Sea. The rocky island with its picturesque, whitewashed houses has an ancient history and has attracted travelers in all times. The coastline is 59 km and the population in the five villages on the island amounts to less than 1100 people. Boats and seaman are all part of everyday life and most transports to and from the island go through the main harbor.

Μπούκα, το παλιό πειρατικο λιμάνι στο Φρυ.  Greek map close up

Sustainable waste management

The recyclables from the villages are collected in recycling bins by the Greek Green Dot operator, Herrco. It is then separated by KASSIOS S.C.E, the Social Cooperative Enterprise of Collective and Social Benefit, which is responsible for sustainable development and the provision of social services of general interest on the island. The recyclables are shipped from Kasos by the regular ferry to Athens for further processing. Obviously, volume reduction is important and a great advantage, when all transports must go by boat.

Bales shipped by ferry to Athens

For this purpose, ALPE-TECH – Orwak’s distributor in Greece – delivered the multi-chamber baler Orwak 9020S. KASSIOS S.C.E and the municipality of Kasos use it for effective compaction and baling of paper, cardboard, plastic and metal containers. They are very satisfied with the result and the Orwak 9020S baler has the capacity to take care of all the recyclables on the island! The volume reduction of these voluminous materials when compacted into dense bales, is significant and it makes a big difference in cutting transport and waste management costs for the small island.

Kasos2  Kasos5Kasos6  Kasos8

Ideal for island communities

The multiple chambers facilitate sorting and compaction of different types of material and is an ideal solution for an island community. It is worth mentioning that another Greek Island, Gavdos, rencently acquired the Orwak heavy-duty multi-chamber baler 5070-HDC from ALPE-TECH. It is versatile for many application areas and now deals with all recyclables on the island.

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