The Orwak representative Interzero has successfully teamed up with Mission PET in Austria in a PET recycling project, where an Orwak baler plays a central part.

Interzero, is a leading partner for closed-loop solutions, and Mission PET operates a PET collection and recycling business in Austria. They now join the journey towards a green future together.

The partnership is a showcase example of how innovation and sustainability in recycling can go hand in hand. Mission PET is passionate about recycling PET bottles and has a clear vision: to promote the circular economy through the consistent reuse of PET material.

Bulky BigBags into Bales

PET bottles are collected nationwide and Mission PET’s plant has the capacity to produce 14000 ton rPET granulate per year. There was only one challenge! The recycled PET particles were delivered in bulky BigBags. The subsequent storage of the bags led to waste of space and resources, but thanks to a high-capacity POWER 3420 baler from Orwak it is no longer an issue. With this solution in place, the BigBags are compacted into dense bales. This has not only made storage and transportation considerably more efficient, but also ensures that the entire recycling process is more sustainable.

A world without waste

Interzero Austria comments on the importance of the sustainable recycling process and a strong partnership based on a shared mission:

PET recycling requires the highest standards of purity to ensure that no contaminants affect the end product. Careful handling of the BigBags is crucial to ensure they are clean and free from unwanted debris. The Orwak baler enables this precision, helping to keep the quality of the recycled PET material at the highest level.

Our partnership not only allows us to support Mission PET in their mission to promote the circular economy, but also drives our own vision: a world without waste. We are convinced that sustainability and innovation can come together to strengthen the environment and the economy alike.”

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