The work is not done just because your new waste management solution is in place and in use. The baler and the briquette press must be cleaned regularly and serviced at least once a year to ensure that they are still functional and safe. It is also important to continuously monitor the operations and the waste streams in your business in order to adapt waste management to possible changes in waste volume and type of material.

The first step to streamline waste management at your warehouse or logistics center is, of course, to plan and outline a solution optimized for your business. Once the solution is in place and in use, it is important not to lean back and become complacent.

Longer service life thanks to regular care and service

With relatively simple means and routines you can extend the service life of your waste compactors and balers. With common sense and regular maintenance you will go quite far! A general advice is to treat the waste compaction equipment like you treat your car. Wash, clean and try to keep the balers clean and orderly. Then they will last for a long time.

In order to make sure the machines are fully functional and safe to use, it is also important to let a trained service technician make a thorough check up and inspection of the machine at least once a year to make sure everything is working properly. Just like a car inspection!

Sign up for a service agreement – a brilliant idea

Orwak has an international network of distributors and service partners and we recommend our customers to sign a service agreement when purchasing new machines or implementing a new waste solution. If the customers choose to rent the machines instead, the service agreement is often part of the package.

With a service agreement in place, a service technician normally visits your warehouse or logistics center once or twice a year depending on the type of baler or briquette press you have, performs maintenance and makes a full inspection to make sure the machines are functional and safe for the warehouse staff to use. If something unexpected happens and the baler or waste compactor is in need of repair, a trained service technician will be sent out to make sure the machine is up and running again as soon possible.

It is part of a long-term commitment and relation with our customers and with a service agreement you do not need to worry about service and maintenance. It will be taken care of!

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Evaluate and follow up

After your new waste management solution is implemented, it is important that you follow up and evaluate the results of your new solution. Over time, the amount of waste and the type of waste you manage will most likely change and that requires a corresponding adjustment of your waste disposal strategy and possibly an upgrade of the waste management solution. This is something Orwak and our partners can help you with.

In other words, optimized and effective waste management is an ongoing project. Therefore, in order to save as much time and costs as possible, continuous reviews of the waste streams and regular inspections and maintenance of the waste management equipment are recommended.

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