What if we could turn back time and reverse the past CO2 emissions? What if there was a giant vacuum cleaner that cleared the air? In a way, there is! Direct Air Capture is a promising technology and next year the pioneer Climeworks will inaugurate its new powerful plant “Mammoth”.

The Swiss company Climeworks‘s amazing innovation captures CO2 from the air and safely pumps it underground, where it reacts with basalt rock and is transformed into stone over time! It is a concrete, effective and permanent solution! A real and inspiring action to reverse climate change.

The current “Orca” plant can reduce 4000 tons of CO2 per year, but Climeworks has impressive plans and astonishing inspirational visions to scale up in the future.  The new plant “Mammoth” with the capacity to remove 36 000 tons of CO2 is under construction and the project is making steady progress.

It will be inaugurated and fully operational in 2024, but that is only one step on the roadmap ahead. The journey continues and the ultimate goal is to be able to remove billions of tons of CO2 from the atmosphere with a giant facility by 2050!

It is not only Iceland where direct air capture and storage can take place and there is s potential for this carbon removal technology across the world, from the Middle East to North America. 

Climeworks’s vision is to inspire 1 billion people to remove CO₂ from the air. Only together can we reach climate impact at scale. Get inspired and learn more about Climeworks.

Orwak is proud to support the Direct Air Capture project! 

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