The luxurious and state-of-the-art Hilton Rijeka Costabella Beach Resort & Spa opened in June 2021 and is perfectly situated between the popular Croatian seaside towns Rijeka and Opatija. It was a natural decision to choose an effective and sustainable waste management solution and create an indoor recycling point with the Orwak multi-chamber baler.

Well advised by the waste management consultant Interseroh

Hilton Rijeka Coastabella is a big resort with several bars and restaurants on site and it generates considerable volumes of waste and recyclables, which must be handled properly in a streamlined process. The hotel buildings rise above the sea like a mirage, a vision of a big cruise ship with its mirror facade reflecting in the azure waters of the Adriatic. 

When JTH Group, who built the hotel, invested in a composter for the kitchen waste, they came in contact with Interseroh, a waste management consultant and Orwak’s distributor in Croatia. After conducting a waste audit, Interseroh recommended the Orwak multi-chamber baler 9020S with four chambers, one for each waste fraction: 1) cardboard, 2) LDPE foil, 3) plastic crates and 4) wooden crates. This baler type comes with two chambers as standard, but it is easy to add additional to create an inhouse recycling point. It is both effective and convenient to sort, dispose of and compact the waste and the recyclables directly at source.

Generous bale chambers are the right size for the waste stream

The generous bale chambers are exactly the right size for the waste stream and this heavy-duty baler can also compact tough objects like light wooden crates. JTH Group and the staff at Hilton Costabella feel well advised and are very satisfied with this waste management solution. The baler itself has become a waste storage in a way and it saves precious floor space in the storage area. The hotel perceives several other advantages.

Easier to handle bundled bales

Logistically, it is much easier – both for the staff internally and the collector – to handle the bundled bales instead of the bulky loose waste and the compaction leads to a lower collection frequency and reduced external truck transports. It saves costs and the diminished CO2 emission is a significant green benefit. The alternative to the baler would have been to place a container or a container compactor on the premises, but it would not have harmonized with the beautiful outdoor environment in front of the hotel nor enabled sorting of the material into clean fractions for recycling. 

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