Factcool, based in the fashion city Trenčín in western Slovakia, is an international webshop for branded clothing. “We offer fashion, you choose the style” is their motto. The extensive waste stream in the e-commerce warehouse is now mastered by a powerful Orwak baler.  

3 million orders shipped per year

It all began in 2015 and today Factcool serves online customers in 26 countries in Europe. With more than 3 million orders shipped per year, the ambition is to become one of the biggest European e-commerce players in the field of clothing sales. More than 400,000 items of 1000+ different brands are offered in the webshop. The CEO Petr Král comments with a smile: “If you meet someone really well dressed on the street, it’s probably one of us or one of our customers”.*

Less waste, more recycling

FROP, Orwak’s distributor in Slovakia, delivered the high-capacity baler POWER 3325 to Factcool’s modern warehouse, where the Orwak baler is now compacting the recyclables, substantial volumes of cardboard packaging, at source and effectively reduces the volume as well as the waste costs. It frees up space for the goods in stock and the investment helps Factcool achieve their sustainability and waste management goals.

22 ton cardboard collected in one transport

Before the baler investment, the loose empty cardboard boxes were disposed of in a container. A successful trial installation convinced Factcool of the benefits of the Orwak baler and this compaction solution saves Factcool the container rent and the transport costs for it. Logistically, the bales fill up a truck and approximately 22 ton cardboard can be collected in just ONE transport. It is good for the bottom line in the company and for the environment. 

*Source: factcool.com   

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