Yesterday, Orwak engaged the employees at the HQs in Sweden in a pleasant HSE Day with a full agenda. It is an annual recurring theme day with focus on health and safety at work, where team building activities play an important part.  

The day began with some safety news and updates, for example Orwak’s investment in a defibrillator available outdoors around the clock for emergencies, as well as reflections from recent group seminars about how to be a good workmate and create a strong spirit of inclusion at the workplace.


Orwak has a production facility with frequent forklift truck traffic. Yesterday, all employees became more aware of the limited visibility and gained a greater understanding of safety on the premises by getting the chance to sit in a forklift truck with a full load.


We had a good time and the chef prepared lunch with an Asian touch served at the outdoor terrace. The afternoon was devoted to pentathlon, a team building activity where the employees in mixed teams with members from different departments got the chance to know each other better. 

Safety is the top priority for Orwak and Sulo Group, which Orwak is a part of, so it comes natural that all divisions within Sulo Group worldwide arrange a HSE Day dedicated to the topics safety and the working environment annually.

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