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Can you turn expensive waste management into profitable waste solutions and become landfill-free in such a short time as a year? Absolutely, that is exactly what mr Sysmäläinen, production engineer and quality manager at the house manufacturer “Rörvikshus” accomplished.

Builds premium homes

This house manufacturer, located in a small town in Sweden, produces customized architect designed premium homes. The company has 55 employees and produces about 100 unique houses per year, which also means that a lot of waste must be handled.

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Turned costly waste management into profitable solutions

Since Rörvikshus invested in two balers and complete sorting of the waste, it has attained environmentally sustainable and much more profitable waste management. Previously they threw all waste in small containers, which were emptied into a large container. It was time consuming for the staff and required extensive forklift traffic and transport costs were high.

Two triple chamber balers from Orwak

Rörvikshus chose to invest in two Orwak balers of model 5070 with three chambers for sorting and compaction of insulation (stone wool insulation), cardboard and LDPE plastic. The balers were placed along the two assembly lines, and material from several smaller stations nearby are collected and compacted in one of the balers.

The production engineer, mr Sysmäläinen, explains that thanks to the balers, the company has cut back on the use of forklifts, reduced the workload for the employees and decreased transport costs.


Completely landfill-free thanks to the balers

Due to the sorting and compaction, Rörvikshus has become completely landfill-free and has full control of the waste, which is not only good for the environment, but also ultimately provides a positive calculation for waste management. Mr Sysmäläinen comments:

“In my mind, it is strange that not all factories streamline their waste management. If everyone does their part, it is good for the environment and it is good for the profitability of the company.”

Nominated for a climate award

Rörvikshus’s commitment to sustainability has just been recognized with a nomination for this year’s regional climate prize. The Climate Council in the region has since 2012 awarded the prize to reward good initiatives for the environment.

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