The District Hospital in Strzelce Opolskie in Poland experienced a significant waste volume and cost reduction with an Orwak compaction solution on site.  

To manage the waste streams, Orwak Polska recommended the hospital the classic ORWAK FLEX 5030. This in bag waste compactor comes with a small footprint and offers simple and versatile compaction. A well-sealed bag is a safe and hygienic way to handle mixed waste.

Going from 11 to 2 containers per month

Initially, on a monthly basis the hospital generated about eleven 7 m3 containers of plastic waste and mixed waste – left over fractions after segregation. Thanks to the use of the compactor, the waste volume was reduced by 80 %. Currently, the compacted mixed waste fits in only two 7 m3 containers and the compacted plastic is reduced to the volume of 1650 L.

Beata Czempiel, Hospital Director of Szpital Powiatowy im. Prałata J.Glowatzkiego in Strzelce Opolskie comments: This has significantly reduced the cost of waste disposal and it is with great pleasure we can recommend Orwak compaction equipment, especially to those who value high proven quality and want to minimize the costs of waste disposal”.

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