Brimsmore Garden Centre in the town Yeovil in southern UK made a smart move and sustainable decision when choosing the COMPACT 3150 baler from Orwak. The new compaction and recycling solution makes a remarkable difference. 

Finding the right solution is a challenge

Like a lot of the Horticulture industry, the environment has always been an important factor to Brimsmore Garden Centre. They have been segregating their different waste streams for a long time and recently contacted Orwak Easi UK Ltd for a waste audit and to see if any compacting and baling solution would suit them.

Initially they had some reservations, as they had previously trialed a machine from a different supplier. That baler did not have the right capacity to deal effectively with the size and volume of their cardboard packaging and other recyclables. The process proved to be very labor intensive and the trial was unsuccessful.

A successful trial is key

However, Brimsmore Garden Centre was willing to test the Orwak baler COMPACT 3150 and this trial turned out very well! In fact, it is the perfect solution for them. The model 3150 is the second biggest of our single-phase balers. It is big enough to cope with large boxes but small enough to switch between different waste streams on regular rotation to avoid stock piling too much of each material.

Brimsmore Garden Centre uses the baler for cardboard, pots and trays and the empty compost bags that they allow customers to return to them!

Convincing results

The results speak for themselves. All seven large sacks of empty compost bags were compacted into just one bale, and the space saving alone is compelling.

So, as well as helping them reach their environmental goals, the baler is enabling them to regain valuable space in their yard as they will also be removing the large cardboard skip, have less waste lorries turning up and disrupting their site and they have future proofed budgeting for the costs of recyclable waste.

Download the success story as pdf

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