Watch the Orwak 60-ton semi-automatic horizontal baler, model 1560, in action crushing cardboard at a customer site in Bratislava.   

Effective waste managment solution for busy factory

This is the very first semi-automatic horizontal baler installed by Orwak’s distributor FROP in Slovakia. The customer operates a big factory, which handles substantial volumes of cardboard and paper.

The semi-automatic helped the customer solve the problem with ineffective, expensive and unecological waste management. It was a daily challenge, but now they can compact the cardboard and paper and deliver the bales to the recycling industry. It makes a huge difference in the business and the new solution saves the customer time, space and cost. The baler is placed outdoors and is fed by hand or by forklift.

Semi-automatics are small horizontal balers

Semi-automatics are small horizontal balers. The compaction cycles are automatic, while the bale tying is manual. Closed-end horizontal balers, as they are also called, are ideal for businesses with large volumes of recyclable material when vertical balers are too labor intensive.

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