Kerakoll with the motto “To Build Better Places To Live” is a well-renowned company in the construction industry and one of Orwak Polska’s customers in Poland. We are grateful for this inspiring endorsement from Przemysław Leszczyński, Production Manager at Kerakoll:

“We have had the pleasure of working with Orwak Polska since June 2023 and we ordered an Orwak MULTI 9020 baler with additional chambers.

We are a company in the construction industry that generate multiple waste materials, cardboard and plastic foil, in the production process. We were looking for ways to manage them properly and ensure effective waste management. By using the Orwak solution, we managed to achieve our goals: we saved space in the warehouse, improved the waste flow and streamlined the work of operational departments. The baler does its job perfectly, is robust, easy to use and, most importantly, failure-free.

In addition to excellent equipment, we have also gained a partner who offers support at all times in terms of employee training, regular service and securing consumables.

About Kerakoll

“From 1968 to today, designing tomorrow, always with the same passion” is the company vision. Kerakoll is the first company in the world to offer global solutions in materials and services for sustainable construction, to build and live with respect for the environment and good housing conditions.

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