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A modern Mediterranean marina with a green profile invested in an Orwak baler for its new recycling zone. ”It keeps all the cardboard and plastic at bay!”

The beautiful Croatian coastline with spectacular views of the sea is a popular destination that attracts a large number of visitors – a truly international audience – and it especially appeals to sailing enthusiasts. Marina Baotić is an ideal base harbor for sailing trips and it has a splendid location right outside the historic town Trogir not far from the airport city Split.

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Built new recycling zone

Marina Baotić is a modern port offering its visitors an inviting environment and a wide array of services and amenities. The marina has a green profile and it comes natural to it to care about the environment. In line with the green strategy, Marina Baotić recently built a recycling zone for recyclables as well as challenging waste such as paint residues.

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Small baler replaced container

The marina handles about 2.5 ton used cardboard and plastic foil per month and the cardboard was earlier disposed of in a 7 m3 open container. After waste consulting services from Interseroh, the Orwak distributor in Croatia, the marina invested in the Orwak baler 3110. Even if it is the smallest baler in the range, it has replaced the big container and keeps the waste stream of cardboard and plastic at bay.

Old waste solution1
Before: an open cardboard container and plastic foil piling up

Many good reasons for the investment

The Orwak 3110 is ideal for both cardboard and plastic compaction and Marina Baotić had many good reasons to invest in the baler. The voluminous plastic foil took up a lot of space to store and when using the open container, the wind made small waste fractions fly around in the area and the rain turned the cardboard into sludge.

There were few waste collectors in the area that were equipped with the special truck that could lift the container, so during the peak of the tourist season in summer, when the container filled up quickly, the marina usually had to wait a long time for the waste collector to come and pick it up.

Marina Baotic_Orwak 3110_3

New solution: Orwak 3110 compacts cardboard and plastic into neat bales

Light bales are easy to handle, store and collect

Marina Baotić is happy with the Orwak 3110 baler and it makes a big difference compared to the container solution. The entire surroundings look much nicer and cleaner and the bales produced in the 3110 are light and easy to handle manually, so there is no need for a special truck to collect them. The waste collector can use the van to pick up the bales and as compacted material takes up much less space, the bales can effortlessly be stored, and the cardboard kept dry and orderly until the collector arrives.

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