Orwak compaction solutions for your everyday packaging material as well as for more odd waste types and special application areas! Some of our most recent installations include a multi-chamber baler that thanks to its cross-binding feature successfully bales paper napkins in a Polish factory, 3820 big balers providing cardboard recycling efficiency in the UK, successful Rockwool compaction in a business in Spain and 3110, the Orwak balers with the smallest footprint, turning piles of cardboard into neat bales in a municipality warehouse in the Valencia community.  

A tight grip of paper napkins

Orwak Polska delivered the multi-chamber baler 5070-HDC to a company that manufactures paper napkins. The napkins are successfully compacted and baled, and the cross-binding feature gives a tight grip of the bale keeping the paper fractions in place. The second chamber is used for compaction of plastic wrappings. The customer benefits from the waste volume reduction up to 10:1. The new solution provides waste management at the source, and thus bring order and maintain safety.

Beautiful British Big Bales

The POWER 3820 big baler with extra wide loading gate recently provided cardboard recycling efficiency for two of Orwak-Easi UK’s customers. For a business in Banbury the big issue was the man hours it took cutting the large boxes and cores manually on site. To reduce those costs, they opted to trial the Orwak baler 3820. With its generous loading gate, 1.5 meters wide, it fits all of their cardboard in whole. Once they saw a substantial reduction in man hours sorting the cardboard, plus the added bonus of improving their environmental credentials, it was clearly going to be a win-win situation.

Another customer in Cheltenham has a strong focus on recycling and the 3820 baler helped them recycle the cardboard efficiently. In addition, Orwak-Easi UK connected them to a great recycling company to further recycle other waste items and they are now expected to achieve an impressive 70 %+ on recycling!


Solutions for odd and ordinary waste

Orwak Spain helped a company deal with rockwool waste by compacting it in a POWER baler. The insulation material Rockwool is commonly used across the world, and it can be recycled many times into new products, if sorted and handled properly.

Yátova, a municipality in the Valencia community, has installed a unit of 3110, the most compact Orwak baler, in its municipality warehouse. Despite its size, the 3110 provides strong compaction and, quickly turns a pile of cardboard boxes into neat bales. The investment in the baler and the increased recycling rate it brings, is part of Yátova’s commitment to sustainability.


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