Image text: A1 in Croatia held a press conference and presented smart waste bins. Photo: Dragan Petric, HUB,

A1 in Croatia, a leading provider of digital services and communication solutions, held a press conference and presented three models of smart communicating waste bins, which optimize waste collection and contribute to the environment by reducing the carbon footprint. One of the smart bins is TOM from Orwak.

A1 in Croatia, which has about 2000 employees and serves 2 million customers on an everyday basis, is part of A1 Telekom Austria Group – a leading provider of digital services and communication solutions in Central and Eastern Europe.

Presents three models of intelligent waste bins

A1 in cooperation with its partner, Interseroh, brings three models of intelligent waste bins for smart waste management to the domestic Croatian market. The models are already used in many smart cities around the world to enable more efficient waste management.

The smart bins have different purposes. The first model is intended for outdoor waste compaction and is powered by solar energy. The second model is for indoor use and thanks to the application of artificial intelligence, it detects the waste type with sensors and cameras and automatically separates it into the appropriate container.

The third type of smart bin is TOM from Orwak, supplied to A1 by Interseroh, Orwak’s distributor in Croatia. TOM compacts waste and increases the capacity of the bin up to 10 times but is especially appreciated here for its sensor-based shutter that allows touch-free operation.

Photo: Dragan Petric, HUB,

Photo: Dragan Petric, HUB,

Meets the highest standard of hygiene

The three types of smart bins provide the highest standards of hygiene. It is achieved by touch-free operation, antibacterial coating and hermetic sealing preventing the spread of unpleasant odors or residual liquids. They comply with all applicable directives and regulations of the European Union with the CE mark and certificate.

Benefit from communication

A common denominator for the three smart bins is communication! It is possible to remotely check the bin filling level at any time, so that waste management can be planned efficiently, and collection tour routes and frequency can be optimized, which significantly reduces operating costs. Thus, the carbon footprint of waste disposal systems has been reduced, protecting the environment and human health. In addition, information and analytics tools are available.

The first two models mentioned above communicate thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT) technology and connectivity on the A1 NB IoT network. TOM has its own communication system, Orwak Connect, for sending information and connecting to an internet portal for status overview and collection of statistics.

“After smart parking, smart meters and air quality monitoring system, A1 Croatia continues with this project to demonstrate the application of IoT solutions. In addition, our experts will respond to all the challenges of the smart city concept by creating solutions for specific user requirements. With national coverage with the A1 NB IoT network, we are ready for the exponential growth of the IoT ecosystem in Croatia “, said Ivan Gabrić, General Manager for Business Clients at A1 in Croatia during a press conference.

In a press release in connection with the event, A1 Croatia states that it attaches great importance to social responsibility and sustainable business by promoting more efficient and sustainable ways of working and living: “We look at environmental, social and corporate governance in the long run as an impact on the environment and the economy”.

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This article is based on the editorial “A1 predstavio pametne spremnike za otpad temeljene na IoT tehnologiji” written by Dragan Petric and published at:  

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