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Automatic solutions for continuous output of mill-size bales

Fully automated horizontal balers meet the challenges presented by centralized and large-scale waste handling in many businesses that produce large volumes of paper-based and plastic wrapping waste for recycling.

Saphir450_orange  Recycle. Reuse

They quickly minimize the waste material in a cost-effective way to help you improve internal logistics. The continuous baling allows multi-shift operation and a bale counter keeps track of the throughput. The mill-size bales can be sold directly to paper and plastic processing industries.

Option bin lifter Option conveyor belt

A wide choice of feed systems is available: manual, bin, air-transport and conveyor belt. The balers can also easily be equipped with shredders, bottle presses, rufflers, strippers and different types of hoppers.

PRESS FORCE: 30 -80 t  CAPACITY: 1 – 13 t/h

  • Saphir340_orange red_LR


    Fully automated horizontal 30 & 40 ton balers with a production capacity of 1-4 t/h.

  • Saphir 500 orange_LR

    Orwak Horizontal 2150 AT

    Fully automated horizontal 50 ton baler with a production capacity of
    2-4.5 t/h.

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  • Saphir 500 orange_LR

    Orwak Horizontal 2160 AT

    Fully automated horizontal 60 ton baler with a production capacity of
    6-10 t/h.

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  • Saphir 800 frilagd orange_LR

    Orwak Horizontal 2180 AT

    Fully automated horizontal 80 ton baler with a production capacity of
    8-13 t/h.

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