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Is your company handling big volumes of packaging material and generating a lot of bales? Or are you in the recycling business and collect bales at customer sites? Would it not be fabulous, if the balers could help you keep track of the exact flow of bales and alert you when there is a certain number of bales ready to pick up? Benefit more from your baler – let it communicate!

Stay in control – stay connected

In our digitized world, where M2M communication is part of everyday life, we expect most advanced tools we use to be connected; enabling us to monitor and control it from a distance. It is reasonable to assume that this also applies to professional equipment such as balers, which compact and bale cardboard boxes and plastic foil.

The balers tell you what you need to know

Orwak, an experienced manufacturer of compaction equipment, provides the option Connect communication for its vertical balers. It is a modem based M2M communication service empowering the baler to send notifications such as “full bale” and “maintenance required” as push notices. Vital information is also transferred to the web portal, where the Connect user can log in and easily monitor the fleet of balers and gather interesting baling statistics.

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It provides unique supervising opportunities and a premium option is the built-in scale for measuring the bale weight and giving full control over the bales produced. Now let us address the most important question: what can the baler communication service do for you?

Keep track of the bale production

If you invest in a fleet of balers at a logistics center, a production facility or spread out at many stores in a retail or supermarket chain, Connect allows you to monitor the status and performance of each specific baler and gather information about the exact number of bales produced in a certain period of time. If the balers are equipped with a scale, you will also know the weight in tons of cardboard or plastic delivered to your waste manager or recycling partner.

Optimize logistics – plan the bale collection route

If you are a recycler and place balers at you customer’s sites to collect the material, Connect can help you plan your bale collection routes. You can monitor how many bales are generated at different sites in a specific time period and thereby determine, when it is worthwhile to send out a collection truck in a certain geographic area.

A cost-saving administrative tool

When Connect is activated, the supplier’s after sales department can also monitor the status of the baler and detect error codes. In case of a technical issue, it enables the service technicians to come well prepared with the right spare parts to the site or they may even be able to solve it remotely by changing some machine parameters in the system. To use Connect as an administrative tool, is an extra benefit that can save cost and time.

Do you want to know more? Watch the Connect animation to see how it works or contact us. We are happy to tell you more!

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