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We are happy to present Orwak Connect, a smart option that adds value to your baler! It is a modem-based communication service enabling the baler to send a message when it needs attention. Furthermore, the service gives you unique supervising opportunities! Log into the Orwak Connect web portal to monitor your fleet of balers 24/7 and gather interesting baling statistics. A premium option is a built-in scale for measuring the bale weight and it gives you full control over bales produced.

How does it work? Watch the Connect animation!

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Orwak Connect benefits 

  • Stay in control: The web portal provides an overview of the status of your balers as well as statistics, which can also easily be exported to Excel, on for example the baling frequency and the number of bales produced.
  • Uninterrupted use: The caretaker gets an email as soon as the baler is full or needs maintenance and can make sure that the machine is in operation again quickly to avoid any unnecessary downtime.
  • Productive use of time & optimal logistics: No need to check on the balers on routine – only when notified. Based on the information at the portal, you can also plan the bale collection routes efficiently.

A great deal

The modem, the license and communication service for 12 months are part of the package. A SIM card is already implemented in the modem, so you do not need to worry about local operator agreements or additional unanticipated costs.

Orwak Connect is available for: COMPACT   MULTI 9020S   POWER   TOM

For more details, download the Connect leaflet (pdf)